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Carpenters Local 250 News

Discover some of the news affecting our members and us at Carpenters Local 250. Contact us today to learn more about us.

Supervisors Needed

Certified safety-trained supervisors are needed. Contact us to learn more.

New MACRC Resources

Visit the MACRC website to sign up or text "WORKING4U" to 22828 and enter your email to get updates about the great new benefits and other improvements being made.

Hitter Program

Sign up for the career-building 300-Hitter Program, held in Las Vegas. This program develops leadership, mentoring, coaching, and communication skills for journeymen. There are openings this fall. See the short video.


You may come into the office to pay your dues — Mayra would love to see you. You can also mail them in or pay at our meetings if that is more convenient for you.

Business Meetings

 Our meetings are held the 2nd Monday of every month at 7 PM at the VFW post in Lake Villa. Bring your co-workers who are members. Members of other locals who are in good standing are also welcome. Our meetings now provide the opportunity for even more networking in our larger jurisdiction, with over 2000 members.

A New Campaign

Our picketing, handbilling, and banner campaigns are starting up right in Lake and McHenry Counties. Want to join us? We are no longer doing the dues-credit compensation, but paying an hourly wage. Please call if you are interested and help us win back the work!

Carpenters Local 250 Shirt

If You Think Unions Are No Longer Needed, Ask Yourself

Advancing Your Skills

Thinking about taking a skill advancement class at the Training Center. Be prepared; these classes are becoming more and more important for establishing your qualification for critical jobs in various specialties of the trade. Hardware, hospital, or scaffolding certifications are absolutely required in some situations. Check for new classes being offered. The schedules are now online here.

Scaffold Card

For those members who have a scaffold card, it's always easier to renew your expiring card than to be recertified.

Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters - Skill Advancement Program

Work in the Other States

If you are interested in working elsewhere, you should make adequate preparations. Always complete the reciprocity forms before going out of state to work.

Benefits Qualification

Remember that to qualify for benefits during September-October-November; you must have hours earned during the second quarter, or have enough hours credited in the past 12 months.

The Danger of Fly-by-Night Contractors

If you see fly-by-night contractors working on jobs where they don't belong, let the BA know. We can't let them steal our work, and we are succeeding in taking it back.


The UBC has an online store. Find apparel, outerwear, jewelry, and accessories.

OSHA Videos

You can watch 12 OSHA videos online to protect workers from construction hazards.

"Built to Last" Season 7

The new season starts in January 2020 on ABC Television. This season will showcase projects and individuals that collectively exemplify the real-world contributions that organized labor makes toward our communities. "Built to Last" is a TV series that details what goes into a professional-quality construction project. "Built to Last" was nominated in 2019 for an Emmy for "Outstanding Achievement for Magazine Programming."

Watch Past Episodes of "Built to Last" Online

Now you can watch all past episodes of seasons one through six online on ABC and also on YouTube. Season 1 goes from design to the final eco-friendly landscaping. Season 2 viewers can see what goes into building a quality green home. The third season of "Built to Last" showcases the newest energy-efficient methods and materials in residential and commercial construction. Our host, architect Bruce Obora, invites industry experts to discuss and often demonstrates a specific technology, technique, or trend relating to the topic at hand.

UBC Sisters (Video)

Learn more about the Sisters in the Brotherhood.

Green Construction

'Green' construction is now a core UBC curriculum.

Weekly Email Alerts

All members are encouraged to read the Recent News for Union Carpenters weekly email alerts. Send an email to Gene Tenner or call (312) 787-0588 to subscribe.

Our Magazine

You might have missed an issue of The Carpenter's Forum magazine, but you can always find it online.

Job Corps

We sponsor Job Corps, a pre-apprentice education and career technical training program administered by the US Department of Labor, that helps young people, ages 16 through 24, improve the quality of their lives. The program is funded through the US Department of Labor and the UBC. There is no cost to the young men and women in the program.

Built To Last - Coming January 2020

America Works Best When We Say Union, Yes

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